My name is Will and these are my stories, feelings, and life.

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  • "I asked god to send me an angel, so I don’t feel alone. He sent me you."
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  • "There are days, when I feel like we are close to being together. Then other days, where I feel like I don’t even stand a chance."

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  • "I know deep down you are the one I want to be with. When I’m around you I feel fearless, like nothing can stop me. I feel as though you transform me, into the best version of myself possible and make me soar to new heights. All I know is that when I am with you, it just feels right."
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  • "It never gets old; that feeling you get, when they can still take your breath away and give you butterflies."
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  • "It hurts that we can’t be together, but no matter what, You always have a place in my heart."
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  • Friend Blog of the day: Stephanie Avants

    Awww our little dancing nugget. I remember when we first met in ballroom, but we didn’t really talk until I saw you and Janel out trying out the salsa scene. I remember you saying something about “salsa is easy” or something along those lines. I then grabbed you to dance to show you there was more to it.  You have easily became one of my closest friends over the year and I’m sure that will continue for the years to come. We have had many adventures from dancing, to the beach, and to the other things we get into. You are still young, but have such a caring heart that shows years of wisdom. You have gotten me through tough times in the past through simply talking and a simple hug, so thank you for that. Your dancing continues to progress and soon It will be you all I will be scared to dance with. I love/hate that you got me saying nugget now by the way just throwing that out there HAHAH but it’s alright, I will let that slide. I know it was a tough time for you, when you lost your grandma and I know that she is looking down at you right now proud of the woman you are becoming. You have become strong through everything and continue to grow every single day. Keep that strength you have though god, family and friends and I promise that things will always work out in the end. Thank you for being my friend and here is to the life long years of more adventures and dancing with that bachata booty for yours. God bless.

  • "My mind may not want to admit it, but my heart still cares deeply for you."
  • Friend of the Day: Matt Veland

    What can I say, you are like a brother to me. When I first came to ballroom I must say I didn’t notice you until sometime in the semester;however, I saw something in you much like I had in me when I first learned to dance. It was your passion. You quickly adapted and learned everything quickly, which from then on I made the decision to help you out as much as possible. You have quickly have turned into an elite dancer and leader for all. I know soon I will be gone away from everything, But I can rest easy knowing ballroom is in capable hands. We’ve even had our own share of dances on the floor HAHHAA, but it is all and good fun. You are a good guy, which is always a plus never let that fade. We’ve had interesting adventures in the time I’ve known you and some interesting Conversations to say the least. I thank you for taking the time to listen to my problems time to time. I see you down the road, leading ballroom into the next cycle and I’m betting, that  you will be a better dancer and leader for ballroom more than I ever was.