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My name is Will and these are my stories, feelings, and life.
  • Friend Blog of the day: Stephanie Avants

    Awww our little dancing nugget. I remember when we first met in ballroom, but we didn’t really talk until I saw you and Janel out trying out the salsa scene. I remember you saying something about “salsa is easy” or something along those lines. I then grabbed you to dance to show you there was more to it.  You have easily became one of my closest friends over the year and I’m sure that will continue for the years to come. We have had many adventures from dancing, to the beach, and to the other things we get into. You are still young, but have such a caring heart that shows years of wisdom. You have gotten me through tough times in the past through simply talking and a simple hug, so thank you for that. Your dancing continues to progress and soon It will be you all I will be scared to dance with. I love/hate that you got me saying nugget now by the way just throwing that out there HAHAH but it’s alright, I will let that slide. I know it was a tough time for you, when you lost your grandma and I know that she is looking down at you right now proud of the woman you are becoming. You have become strong through everything and continue to grow every single day. Keep that strength you have though god, family and friends and I promise that things will always work out in the end. Thank you for being my friend and here is to the life long years of more adventures and dancing with that bachata booty for yours. God bless.

  • "My mind may not want to admit it, but my heart still cares deeply for you."
  • Friend of the Day: Matt Veland

    What can I say, you are like a brother to me. When I first came to ballroom I must say I didn’t notice you until sometime in the semester;however, I saw something in you much like I had in me when I first learned to dance. It was your passion. You quickly adapted and learned everything quickly, which from then on I made the decision to help you out as much as possible. You have quickly have turned into an elite dancer and leader for all. I know soon I will be gone away from everything, But I can rest easy knowing ballroom is in capable hands. We’ve even had our own share of dances on the floor HAHHAA, but it is all and good fun. You are a good guy, which is always a plus never let that fade. We’ve had interesting adventures in the time I’ve known you and some interesting Conversations to say the least. I thank you for taking the time to listen to my problems time to time. I see you down the road, leading ballroom into the next cycle and I’m betting, that  you will be a better dancer and leader for ballroom more than I ever was.

  • Fight the Battle. Spread The Love.

    As many already know the world lost the Great Robin Williams, who apparently took his own life. One of the funniest guys on the planet who always seemed happy just took his own life, because of depression. I want to thank him for the many years of laughs. From Hook, to Mrs Doubtfire, to being a magical genie. Thank you.

    This brings me to the topic at hand, which is depression. It is something people need to be more aware of. As many people fight it on a daily basis. People are unaware of their actions and little do they know, the battle we face everyday. We need to be more loving and spread more smiles, because it may just save a life. So the next time you think of giving someone a hard time where ever it may be: The roads, school, social media,in public; Don’t, Instead take the high Road.

    I myself have fought through depression in the past, I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone and kept to myself. For the most part I was in a dark place and I questioned if I would ever get back. I remember at one point I was pushed over my limits and even attempted to take my own life. I posted on social media before my friends and everyone I knew rushed to stop me. I know the battles I’ve been through it. It is no joke. No amount of money or fame will change it, Only love can cure a heart. If it wasn’t for my friend who stopped me that day, I wouldn’t even be here telling you this now. It was my friends love, God, dancing, and the little things that brought me back. This is why I give my free time up a lot. This is why I teach dancing, do music, and the many things I do. It is my way of spreading love and hopefully changing someones life in the end. We all face battles, but it better to face them together. Lets spread a little more love around because it could end up saving someones life.

  • Going At it Solo

    When I first learned how to dance, I use to go everywhere solo. The ballroom family wasn’t yet established and I went almost everywhere solo by myself to dance. Eventually through the years, With the help of others we created what is now the ballroom family. A group of many of us dedicated to go dancing and make the social experience more enjoyable with people you know. It is no surprise through the years I have become spoiled through this, always heavily relying on my dance family to always come with me. In the past I would only go when a handful of us was going to be present. I would sent mass text out to over 50+ people all the time to see who would always go dancing.

    Recently for the past couple months, that has not been the case. While I still tell people to go, I don’t mass text people anymore, in fact I don’t even tell people I’m even going dancing anymore unless I’m asked beforehand. These past couple months I pretty much just go to DnB, Scotty Quixx, Mambo room, etc by myself and if my group happens to be there then that’s a bonus. I told myself I just want to dance and that is what I’ve been doing. This has forced me to reconnect with the people in the dancing scene and it has been pleasant. I feel my dancing getting better each and time since I’m expanding my dancing circle to so many types of people. I’ve had a blast dancing, and if my group shows up it only helps out that much more. It feels like the old days when I was learning. I feel like I’m learning again to be a better dancer and better person. Besides I might as well try to dance as much as possible since I plan on leaving whenever I can get my stuff in order. But I know once I’m gone I will be dance deprived, so might as well try to get in as much dancing as possible. That even means if I have to go somewhere solo.

  • Bringing it back?

    I know I rarely post anymore. Long ago, I used to write daily and people could read about my life and live vicariously through me. I think I may start writing again soon. It think it will help me loosen up a bit and give people a little more insight on myself. I was always told from people they liked reading my stuff because I put my emotions and everything into it. Which is true, this blog was pretty much my Open diary for anyone to read. I would write personal stuff for all the world to see. I may revive some old segments: like my daily blogs, friend of the day, etc. But we shall see, Until keep an eye out you may start seeing my blogs come back.

  • Being a better me

    Yes people recently I reached my one month of being sober and many asked why I stopped, so here we go. I realized as much as a like to drink I was drinking too much. My friends know me as kinda of an alcoholic because I’m always drinking something. Drinking was suppose to be a way just to relax a bit; however, I started doing it for many wrong reasons. It wasn’t just 1 or 2 it was like full 6 packs or even hard liquor on a day to day basis. I was drinking when I sad, mad, angry, etc. I felt like that old me that I promised would never come back was starting to return. So I made a change to make sure I would never be that person again. Yeah I’ve crave drinks here and there but I think I’m good. ^_^

  • VACATION!!!!

    Finally it’s here VACATION. Now I have been off work the past like 4 days, but now officially begins the Shenanigans. I get to go away from this place for a while and just relax. I need this work has been stressful to no end and of course my personal life being stressful as well. I’m ready to De-stress and release all bad aura and start fresh again. I will come back rejuvenated and a better version of myself than before. But things have been going great so far. Amazing dancing, fun times. Mario kart, E3 is around the corner I’m so hyped for everything It’s almost too much.